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JSC “Auminga produces and sells the following products – half-finished pallets, non-standard, uncertified pallets, waste wood (trimmings, wood dust, firewood).  

Half-finished pallets

JSC “Auminga” specializes in production and sale of wooden half-finished pallets. Half-finished materials are produced of hardwood (common alder, bitch, aspen) and softwood. Production is of high-quality, as we use high-quality raw materials, cut with circular saws.

Dimensions of half-finished products produced by the Company:

  • 22 x 143 x 1200/1000/800;
  • 22 x 98 x 1200/1000/960/800;
  • 22 x 78 x 1200/1000;
  • 17 x 98 x 1200/1000/800;
  • 17 x 78 x 1200/1140/1000/800;
  • 17 x 133 x 1200/1140.

In case of higher demand and increase of orders the Company can offer half-finished products of 14 mm, 16 mm, 18 mm, 19 mm thickness.

To achieve the highest output indices the products are divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd categories. Half-finished products of the 1st category – production with sharp angles, without blue rot, mold, rot or bark. The 2nd category – boards of lower quality with chamfers, small cracks, color changes, etc. are allowed.

Samples of the 1st category products:



Samples of the 2nd category products:


Samples of the 3rd category products:


 The Clients are supplied with green high-quality products. We could offer machine-cut, dried, heated (HT ISPM 15) half-finished products.

Availability of technical equipment allows production of beams. Dimensions of produced beams:

  • 78 x 98 x 1200/2400;
  • 98 x 98 x 1200/2400;
  • 78 x 143 x 1200/2400.

Beams are usually produced of the 1st category products. However, we could produce them from the 2nd category products according to the order.

Samples of beams:



JSC “Auminga” has opportunity to nail up pallets according to a client`s order. The Pallets are uncertified, non-marked, single use. Specification of a pallet depends on the client`s order. Dimensions of produced pallets:

  • 600 × 600/800/1000/1200;
  • 800 × 800/1000/1200;
  • 1000 × 1000/1200

The pallets can refer to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd category.

Waste wood (trimmings, wood dust, firewood).  

During production of the principal products (half-finished products and beams, we also receive by-products - trimmings, wood dust, firewood. Such products are sold on the local market according to individual orders.